How to Fight Chapter 183: Release Date, Spoilers & Read Manhwa Online

Excited about How to Fight Chapter 183? After finding out that a lot of officers are right behind the How To Fight gang and they just caught them, things start to get serious in the plot. This is the reason why many fans of the action genre who have been following this story for a long time are waiting to know what will happen next in the series and hence, anticipating the release of the next chapters.

Today, in addition to the How to Fight Chapter 183 release date, we will also be revealing what will happen when many members have given up, along with spoilers and a reading guide for the same.

The final chapter opens with Hobin Yoo and Gyeoul Han, who bump into a police officer. After some time, they met Ha Wangguk, which of course was a shocking turn of events. Out of frustration, Gyeoul Han punched him right in the chest and asked why he was going round and round like he had nothing to lose.

On the other hand, Hobin Yuu asked if the two of them were okay and also asked what happened to Lee Jinho and the gangsters.

How to Fight Chapter 183 recap

How to Fight Chapter 183

Cut to base, the police officer learns that there are only three children and believes that the news about the presence of the entire gang is a hoax. To get a sense of the overall context of the situation, one of the officers’ orders was to check and see if anyone was inside.

Later, Han Wangguk revealed that the group of three children arrested were those who were as good as Baek Seongjun and made the video. Was with Wi Pyeong Oh. However, they were still unsure whether the children were hired by Lee Jinho.

When Hobin Yoo asked Han Wangguk about Wi Pyeong Oh, he, while apologizing, said that he doesn’t remember anything after being knocked out by Lee Jingo. However, what he could say was that according to the three, it seemed like a lot had happened between the two, and thanks to some unknown man, everyone made it out alive.

Then after that, we see the new guy who is with Wi Pyeong Oh telling him that he is really a lucky guy, and he is very impressed by this. He said that police cars were piled up all over the area, and that was what Hobin Yoo was capable of. He added that the police would be there in just a matter of minutes, and that’s why it was stupid to kill them there.

This person said that they were not so weak. If they started to fight back, precious time would be wasted. This was the reason why the enemy gang boss said that in order to get themselves in the safe zone, they had to use the three captured children as bait.

How to Fight Chapter 183 Spoilers

How to Fight Chapter 183

The man says that they will make a deal with the three, they will be blamed for everything, and with this, they will let Wi Pyeong Oh live. He says that the police are leaving, and they will be free to go. Not only was this a great idea for the rest of the enemy gang, but even Seongjun found it awesome.

However, their boss, while talking to Baek Seonghun, said that he would be bait as well and that would make sure everything went smoothly. He also said that he didn’t care if he died. That’s why the choice is in his hands.

How to Fight Chapter 183 Release Date & Time

How to Fight Chapter 183

The upcoming Manhwa How to Fight Chapter 183 is slated to come out on May 28, 2023.

  • WIB (Western Indonesian Time): 08.00 on 28 May 2023
  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 10:01 PM on May 27, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 7:01 PM on May 27, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 9:01 p.m. on May 27, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 10:01am on May 28, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 02:01 on 28 May 2023
  • IST (Indian Standard Time): 03:31 a.m. on May 28, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 02:01 AM on May 28, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 04:01 on 28 May 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 12:31 p.m. on 28 May 2023

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