When is Revenge Of Others Season 2 Released? Check out the info, storyline, and cast

Revenge Of Others Season 2 is on its way or not? Revenge of Others is a Korean show getting its share in 2022. The series currently airing on Disney tells the story of a young girl who decides to investigate the death of her twin brother. The 12-episode drama, written by Lee Hee-Myung and directed by Kim Yoo Jin, deals with bullying and social injustice that goes unpunished in high school.

This Korean drama series is about a contrived instance of bullying, and this isn’t the only time this has happened in the drama in the past few days. Audience reaction was mostly positive, and the film has a rating of 7.8 at IMDB, which is pretty impressive for the genre. The show’s reviews have also been mostly positive, with many people praising it. We have several well-known creators whose previous work you may have seen if you follow Korean dramas, and the cast list for this particular series is relatively outstanding as well. To know more about the new season, continue with the article.

Revenge of Others Season 2 Status Update

Revenge of Others Season 2 Status Update

Revenge of Others has not been picked up for a second season as of this writing. The show’s success at Disney could change that, given the sensitive subject matter. Disney, like other streaming services, usually considers a variety of factors, such as the show’s initial run and subsequent drop in viewership, before deciding whether or not to renew it. The fate of some shows (cancellation or renewal) is decided quickly. In other cases, it may take Disney months to make a final decision about the future of the show.

Viewers and critics have thus far responded positively to Revenge of Others, with many appreciating the film’s overall premise and the topics explored within it. Since this is a brand new Korean drama, Disney hasn’t decided whether to update it or not. While we think it’s highly unlikely, if anything changes, we’ll make sure to update this article.

Revenge of Others Storyline

In the previous story, Ok Chanmi became depressed after witnessing her brother’s suicide. Ok Chanmi can’t believe that she killed herself and thinks there must be more to the story. She gets through the pain by learning the truth about her brother’s death. He thought someone else took his life instead of him killing himself. Ok Chanmi transfers to Yongtan High School because she is determined to learn what happened to her brother. He soon realized that adjusting to it was more difficult than he thought and that he might be in grave danger.

When will Revenge of Others Season 2 Release?

When will Revenge of Others Season 2 Release?

Revenge of Others has not been renewed for a second season as of this writing. Due to the nature of the show, that could easily change if it does well for Disney. When updating a show, Disney and other streamers usually take a variety of things into account, including how many people watched it initially and how quickly they stopped.

Several shows were immediately canceled, while others stayed on the air. Disney often takes months to decide what to make of a display. So far, audiences and critics alike have reacted positively to Revenge of Others. Most people like the whole story and the way the themes are used.

However, depending on how successful the show is, season two may not continue the same story. Developing a new narrative can take a long time. So even if a second season is made, it won’t be released until 2024. More information will be made available whenever the creators speak. No release date is scheduled for Revenge of the Others Season 2.

What’s Revenge of Others Season 2’s Plot Like?

Although there has been no confirmation for the second season of Revenge of Others, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The show’s success made renewal possible, but what can we expect from Season 2?

If the program is revived, we can expect a new cast to tell a new revenge story that also involves high school students, as the main themes of the show — revenge, thriller, and high school students — were all explored and satisfactorily concluded in season 1. As such, we may be anticipating the return of new stories, but if the creators choose to stick with the current cast arc, we can expect some villains to get their revenge in future seasons. Jae-beom will help stop O-sung and Jung-gyeong if they come back for revenge. Either way, we’d love it if the show returned for a second season.

Revenge of Others Season 2 cast

Revenge of Others Season 2 cast

Park Solomons as Ji Soo Heon, Shin Ye Eun as Ok Chan Mi, Seo Ji Hoon as Seok Jae Beom, Lee Su-min as Gook Ji Hyun, Chae Sang Woo as Ki Oh Sung, Jin Ho-eun as Sa Jung Kyung, Cheong Su Bin as Tae So Yeon, and Woo Yeon as Hong Ah Jung in Revenge of Others. So far, we haven’t specified which characters will be returning for the show’s second season.

If the program is renewed, we hope that most of the characters who survived the first season will return. Some dead players may also appear in flashbacks, but we’ll find out once the series creators confirm this. We can also anticipate new faces in the show’s cast.

Recap of Revenge of Others Season 1

Here is the story. Okay, Chan-Mi, 19 year old high school student. He used to be the shooter for the high school team, but when his twin brother died, his whole world turned upside down. He is determined to find the truth and investigate what happened. As a result, Chan-Mi gets involved with Ji Soo-Heon. On behalf of all the youths who were bullied, the pair set out to exact their revenge on those who were wronged.

Revenge of Others Season 2 trailer

We don’t know how long it will be until we receive a preview of the show as the trailer for season two hasn’t been released yet. No filming has started, and no updates have been announced, so it’s impossible to say when the show will return. The first season is available on YouTube and Disney+ if you missed it.

Where to Watch Revenge of Others?

You can watch it on DisneyPlus. This article will be updated if there is the latest update from Revenge of Others S2so keep an eye on our articles on Restless Ink for development