Black Clover Chapter 359: Release Date, Spoilers & Read Manga Online

Black Clover chapter 359fans of the popular manga series have been waiting for the release of new chapters and all the amazing developments which will be brought. With only a few days left until the official release date of this chapter, it’s time to start predicting what might happen in the newest chapter. In this article, we’ll take a look Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoiler Prediction Reddit and discuss when we can expect to read the chapter. Read on to find out more!

Black Clover Release Date Chapter 359

The long-awaited Countdown to Chapter 359 of Black Clover has officially started! Fans around the world have been looking forward to the release of the new chapter since the last ends with a massive cliffhanger that most readers can barely believe. The release date for the much anticipated chapter is fast approaching, and Black Clover fans are gearing up for the next chapter.

With such a popular manga series, it’s really challenging to hold in the anticipation for the next chapter. With a Chapter 359 release date coming soon, it’s time to speculate on what could be. Black Clover Chapter 359 will be released on May 21st while the raw scans will be out a few days before the final release.

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Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoiler Prediction Reddit

In the next chapter of the manga, Mereoleona Vermillion and Paladin Morris will likely continue their battle. The next chapter might instead concentrate on a different battle that takes place on Judgment Day. The previous chapter outlined Mereoleona’s plan to defeat Morris. He would be reduced to ashes if he continued to fight this way.

Because of that, Fuegoleon or another Magic Knight should come to his aid immediately. If this didn’t happen, the Clover Kingdom risked losing even more of its military hardware. Then, Morris began to recite Lucius’ philosophy, asserting that his master would uphold equality for all and not engage in discrimination. Mereoleona doesn’t want to hear about it and has planned an alternative course of action. With every punch, the Infernal Incarnation’s flames might scatter and consume the flames.

Release Date Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 359

At the time of writing this article, Black Clover Chapter 359 spoilers had not yet been published. These spoilers start circulating on the internet about three to four days before the actual release date of the media content.

They are searchable online and can be found in groups such as 4chan and Reddit. As a direct result of this, we predict that the week of May 10, 2023 will be accessible.

Release Date Raw Scan Black Clover Chapter 359

The raw scan release date for Black Clover Chapter 359 is fast approaching, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until the next chapter is released. With the manga series coming to an end soon, the stakes are higher than ever with every chapter and the fandom on the edge of its seat for what comes next. But at the time of writing, Black Clover Chapter 358 Raw Scans has not yet been released. Therefore, we anticipate that this week it will be available on May 10, 2023.

Black Clover Chapter 358 recap

Yami is badly injured. Jack helps him but Yami tells him to calm down as he doesn’t need his help. Morgen wanted to take them to heaven with his light, but he slashed them instead. Morgen executed the decisive blow by slicing everything up. Jack asks Yami about his last stab. Yami gives him positive feedback and compliments his crazy skills.

Jack is so disappointed that he never had the chance to destroy Yami. This was his only regret, for he knew he would die if the attack was successful. Yami tells Morgen that he is different from the Morgen he knows.

Morgen admits that he is a little sad that they will all die in the next second, but he gives him parting advice that they will be reborn into new, happy lives after they die. That was ultimately their destiny.

Mereoleona’s senior ally instructs the juniors to protect her and ensure that her attack is successful. Moris reminded him that no matter how many lives he lost, the effort would be in vain because no one would be able to stop him. After watching his sister risk her life, Fuegoleon realizes that Moris’ ability to regenerate and destroy must have a finite limit and they must attack while he is still in the process of being destroyed.

Fuegoleon questions whether Mereoleona has realized this and jokes with her. Moris is allowed to taste Mereoleona’s fire before she warns him that the fearsome Crimson Lion King will never live up to his wisdom. Mereoleona swears by her slain squad members and uses Caldius Brachium’s purgatory burning on her.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 359?

Black Clover Chapter 359

The release of Black Clover Chapter 359 is imminent, and fans of the popular shonen manga series are eagerly anticipating its arrival. Black Clover has become one of the most popular manga series in the world due to its violent combat and dramatic character arcs.

As Black Clover Chapter 359 release date approaches, rumors and conjectures regarding the upcoming chapter are increasing. You have several possibilities if you are looking for the newest series.

On official platforms such as Crunchyroll Manga and Viz Media, most overseas fans can read manga in English. There may also be a different English version accessible, depending on your location.

Read More About Black Clover

Asta is an orphan who was abandoned and raised in an orphanage with another orphan, Yuno. While everyone is born with the potential to use Mana as Magic Power, Asta is unique in that he puts physical fitness first. On the other hand, Yuno is a prodigy gifted with extraordinary magical powers and the ability to use wind magic.

The two teenagers hold a friendly competition over their shared ambition to become the next Wizard King, second only to the King of the Clover Kingdom. Yuno obtains the four-leaf fabled grimoire previously owned by the kingdom’s first Wizard King. Despite his lack of magical abilities, Asta obtains a mysterious five-leaf grimoire which contains a mysterious elf weapon and a disembodied member of the Demon race who possesses a rare anti-magic. He and Yuno join the Magic Knight squad as the first step towards their goal.

Asta and Noelle Silva join the Black Bulls, while Yuno joins the Golden Dawn, and they embark on various adventures while fighting the Midnight Sun, an extremist group whose leadership was manipulated by the Devil to avenge injustices perpetrated against Elves during the founding of the Clover Kingdom. The Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad then confront the Magic Knights. Asta and Yuno discover the effects of Satan in their lives and the Dark Triad’s desire to fully embody Satan in their realm.


In conclusion, Black Clover Chapter 359 will definitely bring a lot of excitement among the fandom. We can expect that official spoiler predictions will be out soon after this chapter is released. Raw scans of this chapter will be available a few days before the official release. The manga can be read in the official Shonen Jump magazine or through various manga reading sites. With the upcoming chapters, we can expect new twists on the storyline. So stay tuned to find out what’s really going on in the new chapter of Black Clover.