When is Our Beloved Summer Season 2 Released? Check out the Official Info, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Season 2 of Our Beloved Summer stars Choi Ung (Choi Woo-Shik) and Kook Yeon-soo (Kim Da-mi), two former lovers who are reunited by chance after a documentary they made ten years ago went viral. They broke their promise to never see each other again, but now they must interact, and their feelings for one another are hard.

The uplifting story won the hearts of audiences when it was released in 2021. Therefore, the visual aesthetic of the show and the chemistry between the main actors both deserve high praise. The success of the first season of the coming-of-age program makes us wonder if there will be a second season. We have some news if you are wondering the same.

What’s Our Beloved Summer’s Storyline Like?

In this adult romantic comedy, former lovers Choi Woong and Kook Yeon-soo vow never to speak to each other again. The documentary they filmed in high school goes viral, forcing them to face the cameras once more. Their complex feelings and ongoing development are examined throughout the series.

Our Beloved Summer Season 2 Status Update

We look forward to sharing the good news with you, but SBS TV, the show’s original broadcaster, has yet to confirm the show’s renewal. As a result, it looks like we have an indefinite amount of time until we find out if a second season of Our Beloved Summer will be made.

However, the show’s high ratings and loyal fan base make it look like it will be renewed for a second season. However, it’s important to note that viewers were satisfied with the season finale. Therefore, our beautiful summer may be threatened in the future. In the near future, we anticipate positive news from the show’s producers.

Will There Be Our Beloved Summer Season 2?

Will There Be Our Beloved Summer Season 2?

Kim Da-Mi and Choi Woo-Sik played the main cast of the small romantic K-drama Our Beloved Summer. Although SBS Original, it is also available on Netflix.

Due to the show’s popularity, a webtoon based on it was created. It is a prequel set during the character’s senior year in high school. As a result, given the show’s current popularity, we can’t rule out a potential second season.

If the creators confirm it soon, we expect the second issue to be completed within a few months before release. Season 2 of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is slated to premiere in 2023 as a result.

As of this writing, SBS has not picked up Our Beloved Summer for a second season. Given the solid ratings over the past few weeks it will be very interesting to see if they update it for a follow up.

Ratings started with a solid 3.2% nationwide and slowly increased, peaking at 5.2% on episode 12. That’s impressive, considering this is an early week drama.

This suggests that Our Beloved Summer may be getting a second chance. Our Beloved Summer will not be revived, as most Korean dramas wrap up their plot in one season. As new information becomes available, we will update this area accordingly.

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When Will Our Beloved Summer Season 2 Release?

The first season of Netflix’s ‘Our Beloved Summer’ debuted on December 6, 2021, and ran for 16 episodes until January 25, 2022. Episodes typically last between 60 and 70 minutes. Thanks to Netflix, the series premieres on SBS on December 6, 2021.

Due to the show’s immense popularity, a webtoon adaptation has been developed. This is an origin story that takes place during the protagonist’s final year of high school. Therefore, given the show’s current success, a second season is certainly a possibility. We expect the second issue to take several months to produce before publication if the creators confirm it soon. Therefore, the premiere of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Season 2 is scheduled for 2023.

Who Are the Cast of Our Beloved Summer Season 2?

Who Are the Cast of Our Beloved Summer Season 2?

Despite the fact that there has been no official announcement regarding the upcoming Our Beloved Summer Season 2, we can expect almost every character to return if the season 2 debut date is set as planned. Also, we may be anticipating some big name names in season 2. In addition to the majority of returning characters, there are a few new and side characters that we may be seeing in future seasons as well.

The show features several well-known and talented actors, including:

  • Choi Woo Shik as Choi Ung
  • Song Ha-hyun as young Choi Ung
  • Kim Da Mi as Kook Yeon-soo
  • Kim Sung-cheol as Kim Ji-ung
  • Kim Ji-hoon as young Kim Ji-ung
  • Roh Jeong-eui as NJ
  • Ahn Dong-goo as Gu Eun-ho
  • Park Won-sang as Choi Ho
  • Seo Jeong-yeon as Lee Yeon-ok
  • Jung Kang-Hee as Chang-sik
  • Park Jin-joo as Lee Sol-yi
  • Cha Mi Kyung as Kang Ja Kyung
  • Jo Bok-rae as Park Dong-il
  • Jeon Hye-won as Jeong Chae-ran
  • Lee Seung-woo as Lim Tae-hoon
  • Lee Seon-hee as Lee Min-kyung
  • Park Do-wook as Chi-seong
  • Ahn Soo-bin as Ahn Mi-yeon
  • Heo Jun-seok as Bang Yi-hoon
  • Park Yeon-woo as Kim Myung-ho
  • Yoon Sang-jung as Ji Ye-in
  • Cha Seung-yeop as Kang Ji-woon
  • Lee Joon Hyuk as Jang Do Yoon
  • Kwak Dong-yeon as Artist Nu-ah
  • Kang Ki-doong as Jin-seop
  • Park Mi-hyun as Kim Ji-ung’s mother

Plot Story for Our Beloved Summer Season 2

Plot Story for Our Beloved Summer Season 2

Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo’s efforts to mend their relationship and forget the past are at the heart of the first season. Over time, they develop a strong bond. In the series finale, Choi Ung invites Yeon-Soo to go with him overseas for school, but he refuses. Even though he had to leave her, he finally returned to her several years later.

In the last minutes of the episode, Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo tied the knot and announced the release of a second documentary chronicling their life together. Their passion for each other drives them to make another documentary about their relationship. As such, we are anticipating the second season to unveil the next stage in their lives. One documentary might start with their wedding day and another could chronicle their life in their middle or final years together.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Our Beloved Summer Season 2?

The next season of Our Beloved Summer may contain as many as sixteen episodes if the showrunner chooses to produce them since every previous season has had that many. That means next season will have at least 16 episodes.

Ratings of Our Beloved Summer Season 1

I can say with confidence that this series is pretty good if you haven’t watched it before and are wondering about its quality. This program has a well-deserved rating of 8.9/10 at IMDb and an approval rating of 88% at Rotten Tomatoes. So, without a doubt, I will be watching this series. Check what others thought after you saw it if you’re still unsure about going.

Our Beloved Summer Season 2 trailer

The Our Beloved Summer Season 2 trailer has yet to be released. Following the announcement of the 4th season of the television series season of Our Beloved Summer, there is a possibility that it will be released soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy the season 1 trailer while waiting for the season 2 trailer to arrive.


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