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Vanitas no Karte Season 3, when will it happen?

Vampire-based anime have provided some of the best supernatural content over the years, with series like Hellsing Ultimate, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Blood+ receiving critical acclaim.

While depictions of blood-sucking falcons are increasingly rare, Summer 2021 sees one of series like Jun Mochizuki’s anime adaptation hitting the small screen.

The plot follows the Vampire Vanitas, who has been ruined after being scorned by others for being born under a blue moon.

Legend has it that Vanitas created a cursed grimoire called the “Curse of Vanitas”, which he would use to seek revenge on all vampires born under the crimson moon.

In nineteenth century Paris, Noé Archiviste was looking for the famous Book of Vanitas. While aboard the mothership, he is saved from a vampire attack by a strange doctor who assumes himself a Vanitas and delivers the book he was looking for.

Unexpectedly, the self-proclaimed vampire expert was a simple human who obtained his name and the book from his master, the similarly legendary Vanitas.

When the strange case of Charlatan’s Parade comes up, the doctor’s ability to restore a vampire’s sanity by restoring their real name will prove most useful.

Noé and Vanitas join forces to heal the vampires, but there lurks a threat from an unknown force called Charlatan, who may be responsible for corrupting sick vampires.

Vanitas no Karte has been well-received, and post the end of the second season, fans have been wondering whether or not there will be a third season.

To find the answers, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates about Vanitas no Karte Season 3.

Vanitas no Karte rated 7.9/10 and rated #727 with 473K members on MyAnimeList.

When will Vanitas no Karte Season 3 be released?

When will Vanitas no Karte Season 3 be released?

Vanitas no Karte Season 1 airs from 3 June to 18 September 2021 with 12 episodes. The anime series was renewed for a second season that aired from December 31, 2021 to April 2, 2022 for 12 episodes.

Until this news was written, there has been no new news from Studio Bones regarding the renewal of Vanitas no Karte Season 3.

Vanitas no Karte Season 1 3 July 3 2021
Vanitas no Karte Season 2 December 31, 2021
Vanitas no Karte Season 3 Not yet announced

Production studios consider various commercial and financial metrics before announcing updates.

As previously mentioned, Vanitas no Karte has received positive reception from fans and as a result became one of the top-rated anime of Summer 2021. Financially, the anime increased sales of the Vanitas no Karte manga for July 2021.

While reviews and ratings are supportive, an important factor for updates is the availability of source material and studios

Unfortunately, the first and second seasons adapted nine of the manga’s ten available volumes meaning there was no source material left for Vanitas no Karte Season. 3.

Given that only one volume is released each year, it is highly unlikely that adequate source material will be available any time soon.

Also, when a studio is likely to adapt an entire source material, it’s usually an indication that the creator has done their job of promoting the manga.

Bones Studios is one of the most popular production houses, with series like My Hero Academia, Bungo Stray Dogs and Mob Psycho 100.

Currently, the studio has four new projects scheduled for future release, which include mainstream series such as My Hero Academia 7 and Bungo Strat Dogs 5. As such, it is unlikely that Studio Bones will find the time or staff to produce Vanitas no Karte S3. .

While the anime isn’t officially cancelled, the hope of getting updates on the Vanitas no Karte Season 3 trailer and Vanitas no Karte Season 3 release date could be years of waiting.

Cutchup manga Vanitas no Karte

Vanitas no Karte is written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It began serialization in Joker’s Monthly Gangan on December 22, 2015.

The manga has been collected into ten volumes, with the latest issue releasing on May 20, 2022.

As of June 2021, Vanitas no Karte has sold over 5.5 million copies.

Manga Vanitas no Karte is rated 8.5/10 and is ranked #138 with 57k members on MyAnimeList.

What’s the Plot of Vanitas no Karte Season 3 Like?

What's the Plot of Vanitas no Karte Season 3 Like?

At the end of Vanitas no Karte Season Two, “The Will”, Vanitas gets the unprotected Noé under his control, but he can’t bring himself to jump to the sword.

Mikhail furiously unleashes the full power of his grimoire and approaches the vampire to exterminate everyone, except he has no control over his powers. Dominique protects everyone with her command over the ice, however, when Mikhail attacks Vanitas, the grimoire injures him.

The teacher appears as a young man, admitting that he was the one who saved Mikhail. He currently uses the name Prince St Germain and goes with Mikhail.

The next day, Mikhail returns to track down Vanitas and Noé on the rooftop. It made sense to Vanitas that he killed Luna on the pretext that someone unknown had insulted the Blue Moon Vampire.

Looking for the guilty party is Vanitas’ explanation for treating reviled vampires, and he won’t be joining Mikhail.

While Mikhail is away, Vanitas reflects on his previous activities, and though he is committed to continuing his mission, he is sorry for Noé, whom he currently considers a companion.

Vanitas no Karte Season Two closed to the manga’s ninth volume, meaning Vanitas no Karte Season 3 will begin by adapting Volume 10.

The characters of Vanitas no Karte Season 3, especially Vanitas and Dominque, must overcome self-hate in any way possible.

Tricked by Mikhail, Noé raises his sword against Vanitas, and a bloody battle ensues! Will this be the end of either of them?

Characters & Cast of Vanitas no Karte Season 3

Characters & Cast of Vanitas no Karte Season 3

Vanitas no Karte is directed by Tomoyuki Itamura and written by Deko Akao and Takami Ikami.

The characters were designed by Yoshiyuki Ito, who also serves as chief animation director, and the music is composed by Yuki Kajiru.

The art was designed by Shuhei Tada, while the animation was produced by Studio Bones.

You can find a cast list of Study of Vanitas characters and voice actors below:

Noà Archiviste Kaito Ishikawa
Vanitas Natsuki Hanae
Dominique Ai Kayano
Teacher Akira Ishida
Astolfo Ayumu Murase
Jeanne Inori Minase
Roland Kengo Kawanishi
Johann Koji Yusa
Murr Miyu Komaki
Riche Rio Kuma
Luca Shino Shimoji
Dante TarÅ Kiuchi
Olivier Tomoaki Maeno
Ruthven Toshiyuki Morikawa
Veronica YÅuko Hikasa
Mikhail Mikako Komatsu
Amelia Noriko Shitaya
Chloe Rie Kugimiya


Due to a lack of source material and a busy studio schedule, the chances of Vanitas no Karte S3 happening are looking bleak.

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