Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221: HE IS BACK! Spoilers & Plot Details

Considering Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221 Spoilers & Leaks, we got this week’s FANTASTIC chapter. Before we reveal what will happen in the upcoming chapter of the series, let’s quickly recap what happened earlier in the storyline, so we’ll all be completely fixed by the upcoming explosion!! in Jujutsu Kaisen.

In the last chapter 220, we end up with a bunch of Culling Game players, finally coming together and before that, we now have two new rules added to the game rulebook because Kenjaku has forced Kogane to prevent new players from entering the Culling Game, meaning nothing nobody, even if there is a chance of a Gojo comeback in the near future, is unlikely, at least from out of bounds.

In addition to this rule, we also see that Kenjaku ensures that everyone, other than him and Megumi or Sukuna to be specific, will die within the game itself, and that the game will end only if this happens.

In the previous chapter, we also learned that there are four main barriers throughout Japan, which are indeed the main foundation system of the Culling Game. We also see Sukuna’s mummy, located in one of these four barriers, where Kenjaku and Tengen visit. It was then that many fans of the series believed that the remains of Sukuna’s five fingers could be somewhere inside the body.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221 Spoilers & Leaks

Opening Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 221 begins with Yuuji and Takaba preparing Gojo’s Unsealing!! but also we see Hana asking him if they will unseal it in the building, so Takaba leaves, of course, it might be a bit boring if someone comes here, and let’s decorate with little Origami.

So Takaba is Takaba here, but Angel is here, and that means he has recovered from his wounds and is preparing to unseal Gojo with the help of his Reverse Curse technique. Still, he later explains how the present time doesn’t keep up with the time in the Real Prison, this is the reason why they don’t know what Gojo has felt in the last 19 days since he was sealed.

He might only be for a while or Gojo will feel like waiting like a hundred years and yes I remember when Gojo was sealed I believe he said to himself that time doesn’t pass inside so Angel is worried about Gojo’s mentality.

The Prison Realm Disappeared!

With this Shoko says that if there’s a case of her getting confused then it could be very dangerous to unseal Gojo, and with this, we get a hilarious panel, where Yuuji and the others imagine Gojo going berserk and saying it might be dangerous, LMAO!! I love the Gojo thumbnails there.

This also relates to most fandom thoughts as well, I know many of you predicted that Gojo would be furious to hear and find out about everything that happened since he was sealed, but on the next page, we see that they took precautions just in case, it like they’re in the field, hiding behind cover, it’s like Gojo unsealing some kind of dynamite ready to explode.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221

To be honest guys, I really like this. This is one of those serious top-of-the-line clichés, it’s so refreshing to have a moment like this after all the hard-fought Culling Game battles, I mean it’s not over yet. above since I assume they must be in an open space considering how the Angel’s Curse Technique was activated.

This is also why Hana suggests unsealing Gojo in the initial building but also Peep mini Panda who took refuge with Kirara and the others, and he has to crawl over the barrier because he is too small, and as soon as Angel uses his curse technique and everyone slowly approaches, but there’s nothing there.

The Prison Realm disappears and Hana tries to explain it and says it’s not her fault and maybe Gojo might have turned evil so his light curse technique could make her disappear, obviously given everyone’s reaction to the theory that’s definitely not the case. , where Shoko in sunglasses kills me.

Gojo Unlocked

That’s when everyone suddenly feels the quake, and it shows a perspective where we see Kenjaku saying that he put the Prison Realm 8000 meters deep in a trench, just so Gojo would break the seal, but then the next page of Satoru Gojo’s double spread unseals the box , as he and Kenjaku face each other in the trenches.

Let’s panic, but what just happened, Gojo looks very clean, and his face also looks very serious. As Kenjaku tries to further annoy Gojo, Gojo tells Kenjaku to choose his words carefully, as this will be his last moment.

This is when someone stopped the fight between Kenjaku and Gojo, yes, you guessed absolutely right, this is none other than Ryomen Sukuna, BRO! WHAT CHAPTER IS THIS!!!

Seeing Gojo’s new appearance, Gojo said, “You changed from a while ago, Megumi”. Gosh, Gojo is not playing around anymore guys, the look in his eyes is here now, the second round of Gojo versus Sukuna is happening.

On top of that Sukuna is in Megumi’s body trying to return to the initial shadow of the Gojo Clan user against the Ten Shadows user in the past she remembers when Sukuna took over Gojo’s body she was first going to kill Gojo, but now Sukuna said that it turned out to be this boy’s body , but he would still kill her.

Gojo Vs Sukuna

Gojo ridiculously says to Sukuna saying that the man who ran away from Yuuji is acting omnipotent and very sad to hear. Yo, trash talk between the two strongest characters of the series too though we never see the day Uraeme gets angry and they come to attack but Gojo just sends him flying with one punch. Yo Uraeme what are you trying to do you just went out of his league.

Honestly having him punched by Gojo is so satisfying after what they did with Yuuji a few chapters ago, also Gojo in his t-shirt, wow, looks so savage and strong, I swear this Gojo’s appearance was really foreshadowed or shown in extra volume.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221

It was then that Kenjaku interrupted him and said that he had to complete his promise before he did, but Gojo thought that he also had some work to do before the fight, and Sukuna agreed to Kenjaku’s request.

Okay so obviously we don’t have the full translation yet, and I don’t even know if that plan was stated in this chapter but assuming it might have something to do with the fusion of Tengen and humanity somehow Sukuna needs to be involved or something.

Furthermore, Gojo intends to reclaim their fight on December 24th, yes, the same day that the Hundred Demons’ Night Parade happened, the day Getto lost and it’s worth noting that currently, it’s November 19th in the manga now, so I don’t know if Gojo chose this date because it not only gave him time to regroup with the gang but it was also the ironic day that Getto lost, where he also says that, “Yeah Kenjaku, you’re going to lose that day. Also”.

Plus, we can also assume that maybe if and when Kenjaku loses Getto might come back, a year later, but maybe not, I know it sounds crazy.

Future Updates

The chapter ends by remembering when Yuuji asked Gojo if he would beat Sukuna, and Gojo responded by saying that it would be difficult if Sukuna regained all of his strength, but in his mind, he answered the same thing again, that “I will win”.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 221

What an amazing chapter to enter a two week break because, yep, guys, the whole magazine Shonen Jump is on a week break, and after that, Jujutsu Kaisen is going on a separate hiatus, but wow, Gege really fell banger, there’s so much I want to talk about when the chapter finally comes out on Friday, along with the release date of the upcoming chapter .

This is why we advise you to visit our site a few days later, to know everything regarding the release date of the upcoming chapter as well as a detailed review of the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 221.