When will Buddy Daddies Season 2 be released? Check out the Official Info Details Here!

Since the last episode of Buddy Daddies ended, everyone has been waiting for news of Buddy Daddies season 2, and it is currently the hottest comedy anime after female Tomo chan.

The series’ final episode was released on March 31, 2023, and with its wholesome and engaging story, left a lasting impression on fans, but now the question is whether or not there will be a Buddy Daddies season 2. Will there be a film? or We have to wait another century like anime Bleach?

We have to admit that the balance between the slice of life, comedy and other relevant elements is so well played, it feels like watching Spy x Family in another universe where the two are friends, not strangers who met by chance.

Since Buddy Daddies ended, fans have flooded social media for another season, but will we get one? If yes, then when?

When is Buddy Daddies Season 2 Released?

When is Buddy Daddies Season 2 Released?

We hate to break it to you, but Buddy Daddies season 2 has a 50% chance of getting another sequel because the source material is limited and not enough to cover the other sequels. If we look at its popularity and fan base, then it’s pretty good and better than average so the deciding factor is the timing here.

All we can say is that if the franchise decides to release a sequel then we’ll get news in the fall of 2023, otherwise there’s even a hint of hope of getting another sequel this year or next. We know that even though the story is wrapped up nicely, we still want to see Rei and Kazuki’s father again, oh yeah! Mir too!

No studio has said anything yet, the works of Aniplex, Nitroplus and PA remain silent on Buddy Daddies season 2. Plus, the ending is deserved and ends with a happy ending as Kazuki and Rei start a restaurant to stay as a real family with Miri. They leave their torturous past and their dirty jobs for a new start. In the end, we see Miri turning fourteen and all the characters content with their lives.

Since there are no cliffhangers, such as Tower of God, or Attack on Titan, there is little chance of a Buddy Daddies season 2, although a spin-off sequel could be aired which is also completely dependent on the production house.

Maybe the spin-off can cover up life after he turns fourteen and their past comes back to haunt them by kidnapping Miri? Who knows? There’s no limit to our imagination, right? Anything can happen.

What’s the Buddy Daddies Storyline Like?

Story Buddy Daddies follows Kazuki and Rei who work as assassins and have contrasting personalities that make them perfect for a comic series. On one of their missions, they find a four year old child named Miri and end up taking her due to certain unfortunate circumstances.

They soon find out that Miri is a foundling, and Kazuki and Rei decide to raise Miri as their own. This marks the start of a healthy and thrilling journey.

Buddy Daddies Season 2 Characters & Cast

Buddy Daddies Season 2 Characters & Cast

We hope the original cast will also return for season 2 and the cast list has been shared below, you can check it out and let us know which cast members you expect to see in season 2.

  • Hina Kino as Miri Unasaka
  • Kouki Uchiyama as Rei Suwa
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kazuki Kurusu
  • Haruka Terui as Anna Hanyu
  • Mitsuaki Madono as Ryo Ogino
  • Nanako Mori as Misaki Unasaka
  • Shinshū Fuji as Shigeki Suwa
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Kyūtarō Kugi
  • Ai Kakuma as Information desk clerk
  • Atsushi Ono as Drug kingpin

Is There a Buddy Daddies Season 2 Trailer?

There is no trailer yet because there has been no announcement regarding Buddy Daddies s2.

Where to Watch Buddy Daddies Season 2?

You will be able to watch Buddy Daddies season 2 on Crunchyroll if released because Crunchyroll had licensed the anime beforehand.


I’d give it a 10/10 because it kept me hooked throughout the series with its unpredictability, comedy, and story. My only complaint is that the episodes are short and they should have at least released a 24 episode anime instead of 12 episodes.

But since this series is an original animated series, it has a chance of getting another sequel since the source is not taken from manga or light novel like other anime.

This article will be updated if there is the latest update from Buddy Daddies S2so keep an eye on our articles on Restless Ink for development.

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