Kingdom Chapter 754: Qin Calculates a New Attack Plan! Spoilers & Release Date

Kingdom chapter 754 prediction spoiler, chapter 753 summary: After losing the battle, the Qin army withdrew to the country. Meanwhile, another plan was developed to attack Li Mu and the state of Zhao!

Kingdom Chapter 753 recap

Huan Ji and his subordinates all died. Millions won. However, Ky’s calculations also worked as Yue Huajun and Phi Tin Quan ran for their lives. In the darkness of the night, Tin stood waiting for the soldiers to train again. On the last page of the story, Khuong Hoi and Khuong Le have returned.

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Kingdom 754 Spoiler Prediction

Kingdom Chapter 754

There is no doubt that Qin has lost a lot in this battle. As the person with the greatest merit, Ly Mu would of course be valued and trusted more by the Trieu government. With victory, the Zhao army under the leadership of Ly Mu will achieve several more victories.

As for Qin, having lost General Luc, he decided to rest temporarily and prepare his troops. Take a break from fighting on the battlefield, but the “big brain” character Qin is about to start another war. According to reliable sources, Qin will use indirect means to make Zhao Wang suspicious Li Mu.

In the next chapter, Tin will temporarily retire. Perhaps he would return to the royal capital to present the necklace to Business. The countries, after learning the news, would also prepare because they knew that after defeating Qin, Zhao would also deal with the “people” attacking them.

Kingdom Chapter 754 Spoilers

Spoilers for Kingdom 754 will be updated soon.

Kingdom Release Date Chapter 754

Kingdom chapter 754 is expected to be released on April 13th 2023. Spoiler information will be UPDATE SOON IN THIS ARTICLE by Manhwanews, so if you don’t want to miss it, bookmark it now!

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