How To Fight Chapter 177: Release Date, Spoilers & Read Manhwa Online

How to Fight has gained worldwide popularity with its amazing storyline and characters. Fans of the manhwa are excited to know everything about the update, from where they can read it to the update schedule. So, in this article, we will be discussing all that about the upcoming chapter 177 of How To Fight. This action manhwa will keep you addicted because of its different storylines and great characters.

How To Fight or also known as Viral Hit! is a story about Yoo Hobin, our protagonist, who was bullied all his life by students who felt he was above him. He used to ignore all these bullies because his life was hard enough for him. However things changed when she became famous due to a viral video that she didn’t even bother to upload. He started to gain popularity and money due to one accidental upload.

But since he didn’t mean to post the video, he doesn’t know what he should do to reproduce such content. Fueled by all his popularity and money, he plans to make more interesting videos so that people will continue to like him and help him collect more subscribers. He realized that he would not be able to do any of this unless he finally learned How To Fight.

Before we dive into all the details you’ll want to know here, let’s do a quick recap of what happened previously in this manhwa.

How To Fight Chapter 176 Recap and Spoilers

In the previous episode, Hobin Gaeul and Jihyeok went to the funeral home where they held Baek Seongjoon’s funeral. They went in there, hoping the funeral director would help them because he was one of the witnesses to Baek Seongjoon’s death. The funeral director is the person who takes care of all the steps in the funeral. They hoped that since Hobin was the chief mourner they would tell them a lot of things.

Unfortunately for them, the man refused to share any information. They asked more because they only needed him to make sure that his funeral took place here but the man refused to tell me anything. First, he said he couldn’t share due to privacy laws but when proven wrong, he quickly changed his answer to company policy of only allowing families to know about things like this.

Hobin asked again, saying that some had taken advantage of Seongjoon’s name and they even held a funeral for him and how they couldn’t let that happen since the director also helped them back then. But when the director still refused to say anything and left, Hobin realized he had been given money to keep his mouth shut.

Gyeoul was watching the stream where they saw Baek Seongjoon but it couldn’t be because he was already dead. Gyeoul says how only a fool would fall for this. He said how it wasn’t Baek Seongjoon. It was someone who pretended to be him and lied to the audience to increase the number of subscribers. Gyeoul says how it can be used as exclusive content for streaming exposure. He reveals that it was done using deepfakes.

This is when Hobin and company arrive at Gyeoul’s place to be called and ask for his help to which he shows displeasure, but Hobin says he knows what he wants and as long as he reveals what happened he will help him do it. this however he wanted.

He finally agreed and said that he would tell and explain just once. Hobin says that it’s done by Deepfakes, it’s an image editing technology that uses AI that is more accurate than traditional image editing. He tells how it can make someone look perfect, too perfect. How is it possible for a small fee and a few clicks.

They don’t know who exactly did this, but they make money on corpses. The reenactment actors even copied Seongjoon’s hair, tattoos, voice, and even the moments he did. And the one who doesn’t know, buys the act.

The scene shifts back to Gyeoul telling how they made some mistakes which he was able to catch and something the public couldn’t because they didn’t look closely. There are two errors that occur. One whose videos are mostly recorded live because even deepfakes can’t handle the sudden change of angle. And secondly, for a few moments the shadow on her face didn’t match the other shadows and even the color on her face didn’t match the lighting many times.

How To Fight Chapter 177

Gaeul and Jihyeok started to rage how wrong this was and how even Seongjoon would roll over in his grace when Jihyeok asked why Hobin didn’t say anything when he remembered Hobin was the one who was the most angry about this situation.

The chapter ends with a glimpse of Seongjoon getting hurt when he hugs Hobin. The scene cuts back to when Hobin calls out Jiksae’s name with a deathly and determined look and says to start the flow of the reveal. He decided that he would show what happens when lines that shouldn’t be crossed, are crossed.

When is How to Fight Release Date Chapter 177?

How to Fight Chapter 177 is said to be out on April 7 and 8, 2023, at 10:00 KST, regarding the previous upload, as this manhwa has a weekly upload schedule. As there is no hiatus news from the artist’s side yet, we can assure that an update will be given for the same. Here all the chapter time will drop according to different time zones.

  • Pacific Summer Time [Pantai Barat]: 18:00 PDT (7 April 2023)
  • Central Summer Time [Amerika Tengah dan Kanada]: 20:00 CDT (7 April 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Saving Time [Pantai Timur]: 9:00 PM EDT (April 7, 2023)
  • Indonesian Standard Time [Indonesia]: 08:00 WIB (8 April 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time [India]: 06:30 IST (8 April 2023)
  • Philippine Standard Time [Filipina]: 09:00 PST (April 8, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time [Singapura]: 09:00 SGT (8 April 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time [Korea]: 10:00 KST (April 8, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time [Korea]: 10:00 JST (8 April 2023)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time [Australia]: 12:00 PM AEDT (8 April 2023)

Where to Read How to Fight Chapter 177?

You can read the upcoming How to Fight chapter 177 directly on the official page, naver. You can also read it in English at Webtoons, but be aware that updates there will be slightly slower than the official release.

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