Chainsaw Man Chapter 126: Regeneration! Release Date & Plot

CSM’s recent release has been one of the most incredible events in story so far. And the release date for the final manga Chainsaw Man Chapter 126 has also been announced. Excited by the two good news at the same time, fans are already discussing the next series of events in the battle. In the last chapter, Denji’s entry is the main point of the whole chapter. And now is the time for him to bring out all the power that has seeped into him. So here’s everything you need to know about the new chapter,

In the next chapter, fans will be able to find out about Denji’s plan of action. The boy was here to help Asa and kill the Falling Devil. But the bigger threat in front of them is the Abyss Demon, who has been sending out different demons one after another.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 125 recap

Chainsaw Man Chapter 126

The title of Chainsaw Man Chapter 125 is “Apple Thief”. This chapter starts with Falling Devil passing through a group of people. He tried to collect four years and ten eyeballs for himself. He then went to the store to find some fresh apples. Falling Devil asked the shop manager to give him an apple that matched Human Flesh. However, he was frightened just by thinking about it. The next ingredient on the recipe list is a human head.

Without thinking too much about it, the woman kept asking people if any of them would lend her head. But a large group of Demon Hunters kept shooting at him, smashing his body into pieces. However, he retaliated after regenerating, causing one of the Demon Hunters to lose their minds. And the last scene of the chapter brings the main hero to the screen just before Falling Devil is about to kill Asa.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 126: What Will Happen Next?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 126

The titular hero appears in the last scene of the previous chapter, making it the story’s most explosive conclusion. One thing that became clear in the last outing was that both sides had endless regeneration abilities. So, Denji’s chainsaw is also useless in this fight. Asa and Yoru are probably fighting each other right now. However, this was of course a life and death situation.

As a result, the two of them will pair up one last time to fight Falling Devil. As soon as this Demon descends. The next danger in front of them was the Abyss Demon, who was the main orchestra of this chaos. Did Denji come with more heroes? Only time will tell what the next answer will be!

When Will Chainsaw Man Chapter 126 be Released?

The next CSM release has also been confirmed by the maker. And this chapter won’t take more than a week to return to screens. So, the final release date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 126 will be April 12, 2023. All manga chapters will be available to read at Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen. We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as there are more details about the delay. So stay tuned to Restless Ink for all the updates right here.

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